The day I started Blogging. I felt the fascination in writing during high school years but couldn’t put all my ideas together properly at that time so it was just like a typical Diary of my day to day activities.  I know there’s nothing much interesting to know about my life, I only want to put together all my interests, skills, thoughts and ideas for the better me. I wrote my very first a-little-bit acceptable poetry (haha!) when I was in College dedicated to someone very close to me, then everything follows.

As of this time, to be honest, none of my immediate family or even none of my few closest friends know that I have this huge addiction with writing, that I’m a frustrated writer since I do keep everything in private. Nobody even knows that I see and think as a writer and that I have this wide visualization that could easily create a story out of vast imagination. It was only a few years back when I started to post my blogs privately in public. Anyways, this is what I like about blogging – you don’t have to reveal your real identity. You could even use a pen name if you want to and the most important thing, you don’t have to actually know the people you follow in a more intimate manner.

I used to write and save it on my personal computer and some others are posted privately on my previous Blog site. But now that our Technology is getting better, it is now easier to spill out whatever is going on in our mind, insert some photos and post in our dashboards.

Moreso, as I progress through the years, I’ve seen a huge difference or rather should I say a lot of improvement since the day I started up to this date. Well, probably because as I mature through the time, I also gained a lot of knowledge and experience day by day, my writings turned from childish things, to mature things.

What are the things I basically write?

People and memories, Family, Family trips, Places I’ve been to, Movies & TV Programs I’ve seen and my reviews about it, Lifestyle, Food, Restaurants, DIY tips about anything, Inspirations, Emotions, Lovelife, Everything about me like the things I’ve addicted to, my favorites, and other stuff whatever comes to my mind.

When I started writing, I felt a lot different from the way I was before. I became happy. I felt relieved for something I couldn’t explain. This is my form of escape. It’s like I’m traveling without actually leaving. Not to mention that whenever I’m tired or irritated or annoyed about something or someone, just by spilling this out in words would actually relieve me from anger and desperation.

Like what I’ve always said: If I don’t empty what’s inside my head, I would probably go insane!

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