Year End

Year End


Goodbye, 2018- Hello 2019!

And again, we are about to start another year! Another year with a brand new myself! Thank you for everything, 2018 and Welcome, 2019!

I want to start the year with a lot of gratitude and a lot of self-reflection. 2018 has been very good to me, to us, may not be the best one, with a few obstacles and hindrances in between, but then, when you love what you have, you have everything you need.

No more Long-list of NY resolutions, (as I have a really long one!) rather, I’ll try my best to do whatever I think is right, whatever I think is best, and whatever I think is acceptable.

As what I have always written here on my dashboard;

Live Quietly. Live Privately.

Keep a Low-profile life. Never too proud. Never too conceited.

Be a Minimalist.

Respect People. Respect yourself.

Commit yourself to one thing and commit yourself to only one.

Be Grateful.

Seek and give Kindness to everyone.

Don’t hold grudges.


Reflect and find gratitude in everything and Thank God for all the provisions, big or small is still a blessing, not only for the material things but for the gift of Love, Marriage, Piglets, Health, Our Simple Household, Peacefulness, Serenity, Friends, Career, and Family. May not have the perfect one, but definitely a good one!

2018, Thank you for the Lessons, 2019, I’m ready!


“You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

Ephesians 4:22-24

From my Family to yours, Blessed New Year to everyone!




24.12.2018 12:29PM- BH Time- On the other hand, I occasionally feel sad at times during the Holiday Season for some unexplainable reason. Yeah, I know that this season is supposed to be merry and jolly, and yeah I’m, without a doubt, but there are only a few things in mind like missing family, and how I wish I could spend even a single Christmas with them, haven’t been in the past 12 years, aside from one after NY in 2009). Now that my sister went back to the Philippines to work late this year, then, it’s gonna be me and the husband only.

But then, I don’t wanna spoil the day dwelling with this unnecessary sadness… So…Cheers to Christmas Spirit!!!


The best thing this week

The best thing this week

Okay, breathe. How do I start? At last, I had the chance to sit and concentrate on my blog page without interference.

I just got out from our 2 hrs Technical meeting, answered a few emails, forwarded the previous Progress Meeting, logged new submittals to be reviewed, released done inspections, receive and emailed new ID Inspections, haha, and now finally, taking advantage while the others are still in the meeting and my quick lunch break! This is what we usually get the first few days after enjoying a long weekend, then all the work will come up one after the other.

What I did on Holiday?

Oh well, of course, the first night, as usual, was spent with RJ, it’s like we were drinking (moderately) and binge-watching plus a lot of sleeping (and home-food) since Thursday night, 13.12.2018. We were planning to go in the mall on 16.12.2018, the actual first day of the two day National Day but I got a message from my friend Nicole and suggested that we should meet up, have dinner and go for bar-hopping.

Since I don’t get to see much of Nicole these days, haha, (we used to live together in one flat like until mid-2017 until she moved out and I also moved out from my flat of three years to our new flat with RJ) so RJ and I agreed to go out the next day to be able to meet my friend.

She took me to a Chinese Restaurant (Beijing Restaurant) for dinner. Been there a few times years ago (as in really years ago, maybe around 6 years ago). They gave us free Chinese prawn crackers as soon as we arrived and then we ordered dumplings for a starter, iced tea for refreshment, vegetable fried rice, and beef with pepper sauce something (I don’t know the name of the dish). It is beef with oyster sauce topped with a  lot of onions and pepper and red chilis.


The beef was recommended by Nicole which is tbh, exquisite and appetizing. The servings are actually good for two to three person so we didn’t order anything more and in fact, we still have to take away the remaining portion divided to two, (one for Nicole and one for my husband to try).

They served us chocolate ice cream (it’s like a hot fudge with banana) afterward as a complimentary dessert.


Too bad I didn’t have much of photos taken but it’s okay.

Beijing Restaurant Location: Villa 576, Road 3819, Block 338. Adliya.


We had to walk back to the paid car parking after dinner. Check out these nice photos I’ve taken while walking on the streets of Adliya, (I wish I have a better cam). It is a holiday mood so the area is dimmed with beaming lights. There are a lot of people walking along the streets and sitting on the tables outside every restaurant but I wasn’t able to take a lot of snaps.


We went bar hopping to three bars on an entire night. Our first stop was in Apollo where we had a glass of vodka with pineapple. The place was still empty when we arrive since it’s still early. We stayed for another 30 minutes listening to the music then we moved to Dublin Bar and I had a martini, and another one, margarita. The martini made me feel a little bit tipsy as it is strong for me so I changed to Margarita which is way better. Then our last stop is Dublin (where there is more crowd) and I had three glasses of vodka, two vodkas with pineapple and one vodka with cranberry).


Apollo Lounge:  Building.670 Road.2411 Block.324, Alsafir Hotel & Tower, Juffair

Dublin Bar: Building No. 256 Road No-40 Juffair.

The One Bar: Alfateh

It was getting a little bit late after bar hopping, so we decided to go to Starbucks Diplomat for a quick coffee then go home. But then Nicole’s friend called her and invited us to drop by for a while to Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel where they are staying.

It is something like a few minutes away from Starbucks so we decided to go. We spent about an hour there, laughing and talking with a few cans of beers (I had one full can of Coors light I guess, but I tried a few sips of this unfamiliar Hawaiian beer in a very strange bottle, haha) while playing throw the dice and drink a beer, oh well, I just named it like that where you have to throw the dice and the other person opposite the table should catch it, otherwise he drink the beer and vice versa.

It was a fun night with Nicole, we never had for a little while since we are both busy at work and we now live in a totally different location unlike before.

It was past 2AM when she dropped me home coz I can’t stay longer than that as my husband won’t sleep until I come home.

That’s how the night ends.




10- Myself



Day 10- Myself

This is the real No-brainer, haha! Since I just came from a National Day long weekend and my workload was piled on top of each other, I got no idle time to start my 10th entry, well, actually the last four blogs were also done very quickly since I did it at home on my mobile phone while cuddling with the husband, haha and again, made this last one without any effort but easy and simple as this.

Tbh, I still have a lot of ideas in mind to blog like my bad habits and why I can’t give them up, Gross things I can’t handle, A letter to myself, My last argument with the husband, haha! and so many other things but the past 2 days after the 4 off-days were so tight I still tried to compress my time not to skip a day on my 10-day blogging challenge.

So here it goes.

The first one was a video of myself with my friend Nic (but she wasn’t there on the video) when we went out bar hopping (3 bars in a night) on the first day of National Day. I will still write something about that wonderful night after so long with my good friend Nic (we hardly go out these days after I got married but then, those few times were always full of fun.) but to follow.

And the other photos were taken inside the washroom of Dublin Club.

So this is it! I’ve completed my 10-day blogging challenge with no sweat at all, and this was done in a little bit over than 5 minutes before I leave the office, haha!


09- What kind of person attracts me.

09- What kind of person attracts me.

Day 09!

Regardless of gender, there are some traits and qualities I admire in a person.

1. I particularly like people who are vile and down to earth. The likes of people who will give you a calm response whenever you are irritated instead of ranting back to add more fuel to your current mood. By then, I’m more likely to subside and meltdown.

2. I’m surprisingly attracted to distressed, miserable, pitiful, pathetic kind of people, haha. Strange but true.The people who look like they were fooled for a hundred times. I always have a heart for the wretched one and more likely to acknowledge and accept them.

3. Simplicity. I like people (especially women) who are always nice and simple. I particularly despise women who dress inappropriately, women who craves for public attention. I like those who are elegant, classy, stylish, neat and comes out very natural who doesn’t need to show off some skin to look attractive. I love those who could wear a very simple outfit and yet, could manage to look so chic and effortlessly graceful.

4. Refined and respectable. Who else doesn’t? I like people who have good manners and good taste. For women, I like them softspoken and very Lady-like. I’m not saying that loud people don’t have good breeding but you know one when you see one.

5. Man of few words. This is charming to me. I don’t like men (and also women) who are always the loudest of them all in every situation even when they are not supposed to. It’s a case to case basis anyway. For me, you have to blend yourself accordingly to where you are and to whom you are dealing with.

6. Mysterious type. It’s similar to what I have stated above, I like the mysterious type for both men and women. I don’t like people whose lives are always available in the public. Privacy at it’s finest. I usually unfollow people especially on Facebook who post their lives (and nonsense photos) on a daily basis, but I don’t remove them from my friend’s list out of politeness. Everything is good but always in moderation.

7. Responsible. You know one when you get one! Responsible people are quite hard to find these days and surely will treasure when you have one. Responsible in the sense that they are dependable. They keep promises and honor their commitment, they value their words and knows how to be liable for their own actions. Responsible behavior is made up of five essential elements—honesty, compassion/respect, fairness, accountability, and courage.

8. A one woman man. Well, of course, It’s a disaster to be with a person cannot be trusted and you would end up regularly tracking their whereabouts and everything they do.

9. Honest and Loyal. When you’ve got a responsible and a one-woman man partner, well definitely you have a loyal one.

10. A person doesn’t have to be good looking to be attractive. Beauty fades over time. Good looks are just an added points to all the good qualities we want in a person. What we need is someone with good morale and character because this one won’t ever fade for a lifetime.

08-Simple things that never fails to make me feel better

08-Simple things that never fails to make me feel better

Day 08!

So here it goes on my eight straight days.

Few things that never fails to make me feel better. (In no particular order)

1. Work out- Definitely at all times. Whenever I’m exasperated, tired, lazy or sleepy, I would get up, put on my comfortable work out clothes and walk/run for at least one hour and definitely, I will feel better.

2. A bar of chocolate- This is one of my hard-to give-up simple pleasure, this also improves my mood but yeah, with calories and this is always included on my grocery list.

3. Going back home to a clean house. Yep, if there’s something that never fails to irritate me is going home to a messy house after a day’s work, my OC probs. That’s why I always make sure to clear everything before I leave to work in the morning. I’m glad that after more than a year of living together, RJ already knows these weaknesses and my simple house rules he won’t dare to mess up, haha and would arrange everything before I go home every Saturdays when he’s all day home.

4. Long Sleeps- I’m such a sleepyhead, I could even sleep for a straight 15 hours. But that was before getting married. Now I’m only taking advantage of these long periods of sleep during the weekend but not more than lunchtime because surely RJ will die of hunger, he will wait for me until I wake up to eat together, haha!

5. Foot and back massages- Oh well, who wouldn’t feel better when someone is doing this back rubs until you get to sleep?

6. RJ’s cooking- And of course, my husband’s cooking! Who needs to dine out when I’ve got the best chef at home? RJ’s menu of the day always brings the child-like excitement in me, I would always hurry back home to eat.

7. Writing- One frustrated blogger in here. This is far more than just making me feel better. Every time I’m spilling out my thoughts through blogging, this would turn me into a completely different person in a totally different world. Writing is my best friend where I could always confide my feelings.

8. Surprises- Yeah, whether it’s a small piece of chocolate or just anything. I love surprises!

And a long list to follow…

To be continued. :)

07-My Opinion on cheating on People

07-My Opinion on cheating on People

Day 07!

My thoughts about cheating on people.

I admit I’ve had my own share of playing around some years ago when I was still single, playing around means I never get that serious, I never cared, I have other priorities and things to think about at that certain period of time and not yet ready to commit myself fully to anyone. But for the record, not when I’m on a serious relationship. Who would ever think of cheating someone if you are on a serious relationship anyways or worse when you are already married? Only weak and insane people do.

Though I’ve never had an extremely painful experience with cheating people in the real sense of the word yet I’ve known a few who experienced the same and some were really close to me.

Later on, I’ve come to realize that it’s really easy to cheat on someone, the hard thing to do is to remain faithful to your partner even when they are not around.

It’s really hard to stay away from all the temptations if they are right there at the tip of your nose and only people with strong control of themselves, knows the real sense of responsibility, and people who are looking forward to a long-term relationship are capable of doing so.

I’ve noticed that people having those qualities are more likely to be cheated on. It’s not because they are easy to fool but because some crazy people are taking advantage of them and underestimates their capacity thinking that they are weak enough to let go. But then again, for the record, they are also the one who moves on quickly from their failed relationship and more likely to progress and live a happy life afterward while the people who cheated on them are more likely to be left behind.

Because at the end of the day, those people who chose to live a straight life would always live a better life after all.

Here’s the question, what is the real reason behind cheating spouses?

People cheat while in a relationship regardless of gender basically because of low relationship satisfaction towards their spouses and they think they found emotional attachment and sexual satisfaction from the other.

Some people cheat because they think that nobody will ever find out and they could get away with it.

While some others do it out of plain lust, curiosity, boredom, the need of attention and yeah, the need for money, and so many other invalid reasons that are all unacceptable especially if you are a married person or at least nurturing a family (the likes of living together having kids and all)

Psych Studies have shown that people who have higher Education than their partner are more likely to cheat and those people who are less conscientious and less agreeable personalities. I have also read from somewhere that something from their environment may also put anyone at risk for infidelity. Hmm…makes sense.

No matter what, People never cheat by chance, it’s always by choice.

In my own opinion, people don’t have to cheat on someone in the first place, but rather spill it out from the beginning and leave the other person right away if they found someone new (this goes for singles only).

But some other people think by having more than one relationship, it might give them the feeling of satisfaction, a sensation or a fulfillment, a status symbol, a pleasure of being one great person with so much charisma and appeal to attract and get a lot of opposite sex.

Cheating is a mental disorder that you can do nothing about. Once a cheater would always be a cheater no matter what. It’s hard to deal with them. They will keep doing the same thing over and over and will never change completely as you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

But what do you get after that? You might be capable of doing that while you are still young and attractive, but even beauty fades over time.

My thoughts about cheating on people? Definitely a no-no!