Do the thing that scares you.

Im not afraid of the challenge.
Literal OFW

Literal OFW

Living here for more than 10 years of my life, Im used to saying that so far this is the most convenient place to live for the people working away from their homeland.

Everything is accesible.

Everything is near.

Everything is quite affordable.

I have a lot of time in everything.

I dont have much of a pressure at work only on those times  we are in complete rush.

I always have free time to do whatever I want.

Work, play, relax, be with friends or sleep the whole time of my off days.

I can easily manage my time and everything as i have short working hours.

But recently, everything changed…I have longer working hours.

Im staying out 12 straight hours and  go home tired from the long day with a dizzy head.

This is it! Now i can feel the “Literal OFW” feeling. :P

No time to pamper myself at all…

Bus ride

Bus ride

Although riding on a private vehicle is convenient for most of us, mas gusto ko pa din ang bus ride, lalo na kung long trips.
Mas gusto kong sumasakay sa public transportation rather than mag travel na may dalang sariling sasakyan when I’m in the Philippines.
Mas exciting kasi.
So nice to see different people na kasabay mo sa bus.
Taz ung mga nagtitinda ng mani, hopia at chicharon etc etc na umaakyat once in a while. Pero xempre mas comfortable naman ako kapag airconditioned bus.
Feel na feel kong manood ng TV or kaya maglagay lang ng earpads at makinig ng music habang nakatingin sa mga dinadaanang palayan hanggang makatulog ako.
And lalo, naeexcite ako sa bus stop para kumain ng lugaw, or hotdog on stick, or balot haha!
Boring masyado yung may dalang sasakyan, I always love being a commuter lalo pag long trips.
So when we travel, if there’s a chance, I would insist na mag bus habang sila Mader to follow later na nakavan, xmpre kasama nila yung 2  baggage trolley ko..haha!
Goodbye Cab :(  See you soon!

Bahrain, here I come with my sister.