Since you left

Since you left

Been days since RJ left, and it seems like everywhere here reminds me of him.

What do you expect, spending almost every day, yeah right, as in every day for the last 6 months?

Seems like we did a lot of things together in a short period of time.

Even when I passed that watch repair shop where you fixed your watch before your departure, I could still see the vision of us.

The Juice stall.

That long road going to the park.

The Thai Restaurant near us. 

This is the first time I went out to run and will not go to your flat afterward.

No more late dinners and red wine afterward. Our usual routine every day.

So today, I did my usual running inside the park, then I remember one evening it was raining so hard I got stranded in the park (as we were arguing about something that time, with you accusing me of being not different, self-centered etc etc, haha! I couldn’t continue my work out and I stopped under the bridge as we kept chatting continuously I wasn’t able to run home quickly before the rain pours) and you came immediately after realizing I was alone without umbrella inside the park and we had hot soup in the nearby cafeteria after.

I remember a lot of things we did together,  just the two of us and no other friends in between.

We had fun.

We fought hard and laugh about it afterward.

So little time but you showed me a lot.

How you would serve me in every way that you could.

The flat where we started.

How you bought everything new for that flat. 

You and me every day. We are both home buddies and both enjoy a nice, serene and peaceful night at your home during weekends (I used to stay over during weekends) watching tv, sing in karaoke while drinking wine, or at times, both working on our own thing, reading or clashing.

And then, I realized that being with few is enough. Minimalism at it’s best. Actually, I’m practicing the same.  One loyal someone. Few really good friends. The rest are only audiences. Extras. More than one is too much because you have to work on stabilizing and establishing the foundation, and effort.

Oh well, a month to go.

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