Day 06!

A day in the office. Almost reaching to the end of my 10-day Blogging challenge. So today, I’ve compiled some photos of my daily routine at work dated 13.12.2018.


This is how my office table looks like. I couldn’t start the day without having coffee first. Whenever I reach the office, our Tea Boy would immediately serve me right away.

Then, I would log in to my official email and check all new emails, pin all emails to be replied for the day, circulate all the emails to be replied by the Engineers, download all incoming letters for my record then start my usual routine. The usual Site-office work differs day by day. Some parts of the day are idle (and that’s when I would start jotting down my entry) but most of the time is busy since we are working on a big high rise project that operates 24hrs a day, and for no apparent reason, even how much you think the work is done, something would always come up to work on.


And this is how our office looks like. It’s a big room on the ground floor near the parking area with only one partition to separate my small office. Three more other desks for the 2 other Engineers, one is empty and another long conference table in the middle for them to work on.


And that’s me. I intentionally took selfies while the Engineers are out on Site Inspection. This is how I literally look in the office, especially on afternoons when I’m about to end my shift with this messy hair haha, oh well, messy hair don’t care.


Finally, Going home. My work starts from 8AM until 4PM, weekdays. This is the kind of traffic I pass every day in The Avenues area.


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