Stop Being Irritable

Stop Being Irritable

Okay, Okay, I get it! I get so grumpy at times! There are some things that would make me dyspeptic quickly. I do get to the point where my tolerance level becomes so low and I would likely to become a little bit aggressive and start ranting.

At home, or even at work.

Irritability is something that we all experience from time to time. When we feel irritated, we are more likely to bark at the people around us. I get easily irritated by little things, well I guess the perks of having OC problems.

I admit I get annoyed even with small things that actually could be shrugged- off easily if I handle my anger management properly. Like the simple dirt at home or a messy bed, garbage thrown somewhere, wet towels thrown somewhere, un refilled water containers in the fridge, dusty shelves, and cupboards, unorganized shoe-rack, dirty shoes inside the room, clothes hanged in different hangers or direction or even an unkempt laundry, I want them to be neatly folded inside the hamper. Yeah, my OC problems! Haha, poor RJ, the husband, who’s always the recipient of all these grouchiness.

I rattle quickly at work whenever I have pendings to be done and I want to do it as fast and as perfect as I could, even spacing on my letters and emails should be the same. I want my work to be done one at a time in a very organized manner without anyone disturbing me. If I want to do something, I have to do it right away or this will bother me until I start doing it.


Not to mention that I couldn’t work in a messy Office. I have to work and organize things at the same time.

The same manner whenever I’m in charge of cooking at home, (that once a week schedule when RJ is working on an afternoon shift), I cook and wash the utensils at the same time, leaving everything tidy just as I finished my cooking.

These things when not done properly irritates me fast.

To reduce my mood swings, I compiled some of these easy steps to follow:

Quick ways to stop being irritable:

1. Check the source- What are the things that make you irritable and start addressing it.

2. Get rid of it- Whenever you are exasperated, take an hour walk. Go for a leisure walk to catch some fresh air. This will definitely improve our mood.

3. Alone Time- Find a quiet place to sit and relax. Listen to music and meditate.

4. Get proper rest – Lack of sleep often derives us to become angry than usual. Make sure to get a night of proper sleep at least 8 hours a day, and for a sleepy head like me, ten hours is much better!

5. Reduce caffeine and alcohol – Cut back the over-consumption of coffee and alcohol cause this may cause a negative effect in our mood and other risks.

6. Being Loved- Of course getting a hug/kiss by someone who cares about you is more than enough. To know that there is someone out there who truly cares and won’t aggravate you more since irritability activates our fighting glands instead will give you the comfort you need to go back to your normal system.

And though at times I  tend to put my anger on my husband with silly things like the simple household fights which are all petty quarrels,  I have this attitude that I only have to express my anger right away,  and with a deep breath after spilling it out, everything would be back to normal.


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