Love will fuck you up more than drugs ever will…

Damn hating the feeling. :(

Just when you thought you are making everything right, suddenly you realized that you are doing it all wrong.
Rephrased: You are over-doing it all wrong.
Exxaggerating to the highest limit.
Why does even you make everything right or you do everything wrong, you get the same result?



The truth is there is no way to go.

No one to catch you.

There is no place to go home.

It’s too late to start because you are reaching the end.

While everyone is now enjoying the comfort of life they built thru the years,

You are still struggling, trying to find a place you belong.

You have nothing and you have no one but yourself.

You started everything wrong and no matter how you wanna straight things out, everything fails.

Time is running out.

Strength will soon start to fade.

..and yet you keep on struggling for something you hope for.

but I’m sorry, dear you,

Time is almost over…

You are almost at the finish line.

And before you know it, IT’S GAME OVER.

Go home, lie in the bed, close your eyes, forget, and sleep.



It’s better to lose people in your life rather than lose your self-respect, dignity, integrity, and identity.
If anyone cant give you the right love, care, and affection you deserve, get rid of them.
Losing them is better than staying in a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP and killing you inside out.
A person who cannot get rid of the past doesn’t worth a dime.
A person whose even better than an archaeologist who keeps on digging things that has long been gone and over will cause you a trouble and severe headache.
JUST GET RID OF THEM, permanently.
Better off without them.
Get rid of all the negative vibes.
It’s such a short life wasting on wrong people.