How to Live a Happy Life

How to Live a Happy Life

Okay, we get it, no matter what our age is, what is our current status in life, how much money we have saved, our marital status, our accomplishments,  each and every one of us wants to live a productive, successful, happy and peaceful life.

As we get older, we tend to realize that Money can’t buy happiness, not always. More often, the best things in life are always free.

Happiness starts with ourselves. Happiness starts with the basic things in life that we do from our usual routine.


1. Respect-  Find respect from yourself first. Be good about yourself and the things you do. Do not ask for respect. Some people will, some others won’t, but the thing here is if you know that you are doing what is right, what is best, what is acceptable then that’s the best respect you could ever get.

2. Respect others- Respect people like how you would like to be respected because respect is reflected. Stop being a “narcissist” that everything should only revolve around you. Have a genuine interest in other people’s lives, and not only about you. Be a good person, Be truthful, be transparent, be caring.

3. Self-confidence- Belief in your self. Lack of self-confidence is one of the obstacles to living a happy life. But then, there’s a huge difference between being confident to being a  total narcissist.

A woman who retains a genuine self-confidence doesn’t show -off every little detail of her life in public, rather, does her thing privately without the intention to attract audiences.

4. Commit yourself- No matter what you do, you have to give it to your best shot. Commit yourself. By giving your 100%,  you will always find new ways to improve and more chance to enhance and develop yourself.

Commit yourself to only one. This is also one important factor to live a happy life.

To be honest, you don’t cheat anyone by chance, you cheat them by your own choice. This act of dishonesty to gain something for your own advantage.

Whether a friend, a colleague, a family, a relationship.

And more often, a person who engages themselves to cheat is always the one to regret later on.

5. Be grateful. Big or small accomplishments. Be grateful, even just for the air we breathe.

6. Seek and give kindness to everyone-  Not everyone is perfect. All of us can be good in one thing and bad on the other thing. It’s just a matter of appreciation.

7. Balance Lifestyle-  Everyone needs some time away. Definitely, any personal issues may get to your nerves that might affect your productivity. Spend some time away from work. Occasional travel is an option.

8. Don’t hold grudges-  Holding grudges for a very long time definitely may block yourself from being happy. Life surely is better without keeping pain in our hearts. Learn to forget. We may not always forgive, but at least we could forget.

9. Live. We cannot change the past and more so we have no hold of the future. Just live today. Enjoy and be thankful for everything we’ve got.


10. And lastly, what else do you need if you’ve got all the simplest but the best things in life that would make anyone happy? A faithful partner in life who’s there with you to achieve your dreams, looking  forward to the future  with the same goal, same priorities, and same outlook,  a family who will always be there at your side, few real good friends in good times and bad times, health, career, silence, privacy, a roof above our head, food in our table, air to breathe and a life that Our Almighty God has given us.

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