Book of life

Book of life

Life is a journey.

Life is like a book.

People come and go.

As we walk thru the journey of life, we happened to pass by different paths, different people and different lifestyle. While some may stay for sometime, some may not leave even a single footprint.

Just like a book. Everyone we meet plays a certain part in our story.

Some may occupy a chapter, paragraph, others a sentence, while others will be nothing just like a one liner.

But then, one day, someone will come and will play an integral part in your story…not only a part of the story, but the Title itself.

To disappear (right here, right now)

To disappear (right here, right now)

If we could only just disappear at any time we want to, at any place we are, or at any situation we are currently avoiding, then life would be easy as magic, as easy as 1-2-3.

Just snap your finger, then disappear.

and then jump forward to “3 years later “ mode. Haha!

Everything comes together all at once and all at the same time.

Just wish to disappear and return back when everything’s well again.

Big and deep sigh.

Walking Away

Walking Away

Walking is the best exercise!
– walking away from the things that you cannot change.
– walking away from the people who hurt you.
– walking away from the people who no longer makes you happy and stressing you out.
– walking away from the people who don’t believe in you.
– walking away from situations/lifestyles you know won’t last forever.
– walking away from life with no direction.
-walking away from troubles.

Therefore, the best thing we could do is to walk away from the wrong path and go straight in the right direction.
Thus, walking will give us the best and healthiest workout.