Follow. Unfollow.

Follow. Unfollow.

This is what I always do, Follow and unfollow dash. I’ll follow them for a while, like a day or two then upon scrolling down their dash for some time, I will unfollow. Idk. I like reading, but I like to read something with meaning and with essence, anything that is worth to read. Not the usual posts about love life, hatreds, heartaches, hugots, foul words,  nonsense posts just to say they are writing. It bores me to death.

I want to learn from them. I want to see how they write. How they interpret things. How they describe anything. I want to get something from them. I want to improve my own writing by actually reading posts from the hands of the real bloggers. I want to identify myself to the blogs/posts I’m reading. Something that will interest me and makes me feel like I’m actually there. With Emotions. Yeah, our dashboard can be our day to day diary/activities but do it with a definition.

Tbh, I only follow I guess not more than 10 Tumblr’s Filipino personal users and the rest I follow are mostly quotes, thoughts, inspirations, books, articles, facts, psychology, poets, movies, humor, reviews, artists, bands, films, scriptwriting.

I’m fascinated by how a movie is made especially if it is an independent film, how could they come up with a very nice script and I salute those who have done the research, how could they identify exactly the character’s inner living to complete the story. Mostly, it is done close to perfection but since it is not produced by the mainstreams, some of these films were hardly recognized in the Philippines. I have seen a lot of Filipino Quality Film, to be honest, but mostly independent films.

To end with, I don’t need a thousand followers, I write as much as I like for my personal improvement, a frustrated writer to be exact, haha that’s why I don’t follow much of personal users, and I don’t usually press heart to a certain post but I do read a lot of posts on a regular basis for my personal advancement. Just read.

My thoughts about it.


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