08-Simple things that never fails to make me feel better

08-Simple things that never fails to make me feel better

Day 08!

So here it goes on my eight straight days.

Few things that never fails to make me feel better. (In no particular order)

1. Work out- Definitely at all times. Whenever I’m exasperated, tired, lazy or sleepy, I would get up, put on my comfortable work out clothes and walk/run for at least one hour and definitely, I will feel better.

2. A bar of chocolate- This is one of my hard-to give-up simple pleasure, this also improves my mood but yeah, with calories and this is always included on my grocery list.

3. Going back home to a clean house. Yep, if there’s something that never fails to irritate me is going home to a messy house after a day’s work, my OC probs. That’s why I always make sure to clear everything before I leave to work in the morning. I’m glad that after more than a year of living together, RJ already knows these weaknesses and my simple house rules he won’t dare to mess up, haha and would arrange everything before I go home every Saturdays when he’s all day home.

4. Long Sleeps- I’m such a sleepyhead, I could even sleep for a straight 15 hours. But that was before getting married. Now I’m only taking advantage of these long periods of sleep during the weekend but not more than lunchtime because surely RJ will die of hunger, he will wait for me until I wake up to eat together, haha!

5. Foot and back massages- Oh well, who wouldn’t feel better when someone is doing this back rubs until you get to sleep?

6. RJ’s cooking- And of course, my husband’s cooking! Who needs to dine out when I’ve got the best chef at home? RJ’s menu of the day always brings the child-like excitement in me, I would always hurry back home to eat.

7. Writing- One frustrated blogger in here. This is far more than just making me feel better. Every time I’m spilling out my thoughts through blogging, this would turn me into a completely different person in a totally different world. Writing is my best friend where I could always confide my feelings.

8. Surprises- Yeah, whether it’s a small piece of chocolate or just anything. I love surprises!

And a long list to follow…

To be continued. :)


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