12 years (The closure)

12 years (The closure)

How strange that after not seeing each other for the past straight 12 years,  at the most unexpected time, at the most unexpected situation, we crossed each other’s path again.

And what makes it more awkward, is that I’m with someone else.

Yeah, been passing there almost every year and we never had the chance to meet again, and yet, all of a sudden, out of the blue, when I was with RJ, I met you by chance.

I was sitting on the sofa, at your house when you suddenly popped in the door.

Wearing red Nike shirt, Nike cap, Red Nike shoes, and black socks, G shock watch on your left arm, tight jeans, white complexion, I must admit that you were still as handsome as you were when we last met 12 years ago.

How time passed so quick…I met you straight in the eye, I saw a spark somewhere within, it was a real slow-mo, you walked near me, shook my hands casually and sat beside me. I still remember the words you said, “Nakabakasyon ka pala…” and a little conversation about life and family then that was it. Rj popped in from the bathroom and then you switched from my side to your mom’s side.

I was watching you at the corner of my eye, the usual low tone of your voice, the almost buckle…

But then, What did I feel?

Casual. Emotionless. Like when you see an old friend somewhere. Very ordinary. So, this is how the way it is after all.

A little bit of excitement upon seeing a good old friend I guess, you and I.

But then, it is really over.

I smiled, and then I realized, yes, it’s finally over.