09- What kind of person attracts me.

09- What kind of person attracts me.

Day 09!

Regardless of gender, there are some traits and qualities I admire in a person.

1. I particularly like people who are vile and down to earth. The likes of people who will give you a calm response whenever you are irritated instead of ranting back to add more fuel to your current mood. By then, I’m more likely to subside and meltdown.

2. I’m surprisingly attracted to distressed, miserable, pitiful, pathetic kind of people, haha. Strange but true.The people who look like they were fooled for a hundred times. I always have a heart for the wretched one and more likely to acknowledge and accept them.

3. Simplicity. I like people (especially women) who are always nice and simple. I particularly despise women who dress inappropriately, women who craves for public attention. I like those who are elegant, classy, stylish, neat and comes out very natural who doesn’t need to show off some skin to look attractive. I love those who could wear a very simple outfit and yet, could manage to look so chic and effortlessly graceful.

4. Refined and respectable. Who else doesn’t? I like people who have good manners and good taste. For women, I like them softspoken and very Lady-like. I’m not saying that loud people don’t have good breeding but you know one when you see one.

5. Man of few words. This is charming to me. I don’t like men (and also women) who are always the loudest of them all in every situation even when they are not supposed to. It’s a case to case basis anyway. For me, you have to blend yourself accordingly to where you are and to whom you are dealing with.

6. Mysterious type. It’s similar to what I have stated above, I like the mysterious type for both men and women. I don’t like people whose lives are always available in the public. Privacy at it’s finest. I usually unfollow people especially on Facebook who post their lives (and nonsense photos) on a daily basis, but I don’t remove them from my friend’s list out of politeness. Everything is good but always in moderation.

7. Responsible. You know one when you get one! Responsible people are quite hard to find these days and surely will treasure when you have one. Responsible in the sense that they are dependable. They keep promises and honor their commitment, they value their words and knows how to be liable for their own actions. Responsible behavior is made up of five essential elements—honesty, compassion/respect, fairness, accountability, and courage.

8. A one woman man. Well, of course, It’s a disaster to be with a person cannot be trusted and you would end up regularly tracking their whereabouts and everything they do.

9. Honest and Loyal. When you’ve got a responsible and a one-woman man partner, well definitely you have a loyal one.

10. A person doesn’t have to be good looking to be attractive. Beauty fades over time. Good looks are just an added points to all the good qualities we want in a person. What we need is someone with good morale and character because this one won’t ever fade for a lifetime.

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