When choosing someone,  do you actually have to set a standard?

When I was younger, I admit to having my own sets of standards or rules but often times, it was never followed accordingly.

Because these sets of standards are only applicable when there is no one there at the moment yet.

But once you find any person attractive, you would immediately fall even without checking your list first! And no standards have been applied anyway.

We often times think that: The person ought to be good looking, must be decent, must be someone who comes from a good family background,  must be educated, must be articulate, must be intelligent, must be witty, must be charming, must have dimples, must be a person with few words, must have a good-breeding, must know how to play guitar, must have a stable job,  must be refined and respectable, must be neat-looking, and a lot more positive ideas.  

But once you fall in love with a certain person, you also change some of your standards according to what they have and what they could give and yet, you accept them with all of your heart. 

We must admit, we all get initially attracted to physical looks and physical attributions particularly on the first time we see them.  But then later on if we start to notice some certain unacceptable attitude on that person that isn’t accepted by your usual norms, like (ill-mannered/a drug addict/ low-life/tale-bearing/war freak/cheater/ and the likes), then you start detaching yourself to them. Precisely!

Because in the end, we always fall for the character. Always the character of the person. 

Once we get to know the real them,  then the simple attraction blooms to something serious.

Having a good-looking partner is just an added bonus to their over-all personality, but above all, what matters most, the thing they would carry all their lives is character and attitude.

And with that, no set of standards.

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