Benefits of Daily Workout

Benefits of Daily Workout


For the past few years, I happened to do a regular workout as one way of pampering myself.

Yes, you heard me right, this is one effective way of pampering yourself, splurging on heavy eating (Aww, No ways!) and other material things are not the only way to pamper ourselves. 

The usuals, I do facial and body scrubs and hot oils on weekends, long sleeps, long shower, full rest, running on evenings, and a lot of walking. I also consider writing as a form of escape and another way of relaxation.

I happened to motivate my husband RJ to do the same thing with me as well, but during his lazy times, he would only come and wait for me at the park entrance gate.


Here are some Benefits of Regular Excercise:

1. IMPROVE MY MOOD- Whenever I’m exasperated with my husband (haha!), taking an hour walk or run will definitely uplift my mood. Regular walking actually improves our nervous system and decrease our mood swings, anger, tantrums, and hostility. Yet it’s true that dark chocolate actually reduces a bad mood on a rough day, but walking is a zero-calorie strategy with the same impact.

2. REGULATES BLOOD PRESSURE/IMPROVES CIRCULATION/REDUCES RISKS OF DIABETES/STRENGTHENS BONES AND MUSCLES/IMPROVES DIGESTION- I guess we all know that regular workout will also improve our health, improve our intelligence and reduces the risk of health-related diseases and boost our immune system.

3. WEIGHT LOSS- This is for all the people out there who are very cautious about their figure. But for me, I run to become fit and not to lose weight, rather, to guard my health in check and improve my mood.

4. DELAYS AGING- That’s more like it. Studies show that people who walk at least 30 minutes a day, live longer than those who don’t. Not to mention that our skin will be visibly lighter and younger even without using artificial enhancement.

5. REDUCES STRESS- When feeling sad or irritated, or stress at work, upset about anything,  walking can help you reduce the stress.

You need a few basic things to walk. Here’s the list:

  • Walking shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A bottle of water and an energy bar for long walks.
  • Motivation- Have someone to walk with you, a friend, a partner, or a dog.

When you start walking on a regular routine, you are more likely to continue what you are doing and chances are, you will get new ideas of healthy behaviors and advance to the next level.

By doing this, I also get a  full clear mind to think, concentrate, decide, and manage things properly. My Rational thinking gets the best of me to minimize mistakes in everything.

Start walking, now. :)

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