05-What’s on my mind?

05-What’s on my mind?

Day 05!

Brain Dump. What’ s on my mind today? Today is our off day and the usuals, RJ & I stayed up late last night watching Mowgli on Netflix and one episode of the Chinese ROM-COM series “A Love so Beautiful” on Youtube and another English action film on Netflix while having a can of Vitalsberg (brand of beer we used to get on the Liquor shop) and bags of chips. The weekend is always our cheat day and I allow myself on Thursday night to have junk food and sodas. And yeah, Friday lunch would always be something special as per my food request with rice. I don’t usually eat rice on weekdays for a couple of years now and I mostly eat grilled chicken or meat or fish with a side vegetable.

I fell asleep in the mid of the third movie due to the amount of alcohol in my body, I guess, and my usual sleepy head plus my husband’s foot massage, haha! This is the usual weekend sight in our small household, and on Fridays like today, I would always wake up a little bit late(not the usual 3PM when I’m still single a year ago) but won’t get out of bed for quite some time. Mostly browsing on phones, reading news, and articles or playing clash of clans until RJ’s time to prepare lunch and I would start my weekly household chores like cleaning, changing of sheets and doing the laundry. Isn’t this boring, hahaha! Oh well, not for me.

So right now, 14.12.2018 at 9:45am, we are still here in the bed, RJ is playing online games while I’m here procrastinating, what’s on my mind?

I don’t usually tire myself thinking about anything on weekends as my mind is already working full time on weekdays in the office so my thoughts on weekends are basically what to eat, what to watch, where to run later, what to eat on dinner, and what to wear tomorrow, haha! Yep, I’m very cautious about what to wear as I don’t wanna go out of the house in such a complete mess. I dress to kill, but tastefully – FreddieM💕

It’s really a no-brainer today, haha!


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