Reasons why it’s better not to be friends with your husband on Social Media

Reasons why it’s better not to be friends with your husband on Social Media

My husband and I have been married for over a year and a half now and despite the occasional arguments, I can say that we are doing fine.

For some reason, I realized it’s better not to be friends with your husband on Facebook. We were facebook friends since 2013 and have been constantly chatting, commenting and liking each other posts and photos back then until we became “we” but things will eventually change when you became increasingly attached to the person.

We are still happily married and we video call on a regular basis in between work breaks but when it comes to FB,  it’s better if we are just Friends of friends.

Tbh, I have no problem with being an active user especially to those people like us living abroad whose family and friends are not around and the only way we could update ourselves from the recent happenings is thru Social Media.

Facebook was once a place to post how you were feeling and where you were going to spend your holidays. Now, it’s sucking so much time from people’s lives and it may have a profound effect on marriages.

1. When your husband is literally an active user from sun-up to sun-down whenever they are not at work and I know how it feels to be annoyed when you get to see how they loved, liked, comment to all the other stuff on facebook including all the birthday greetings, anniversary greetings, congratulations, and yet wont bother to greet you in Social Media on your own Anniversary and your own birthday with the reasons that showing emotions on facebook in a post (even on that particular special occasion) is a waste of time.

2. Whenever they said that it’s a part of not cutting the thread with their friends by regularly communicating with them thru liking their posts and greetings totally suck when they never felt how personally overwhelming it is to be greeted in Social media by your own partner once in a while (with a little note of words of endearment) on your special day. If they could post/greet all their family members and friends, why not your spouse? You don’t have to wait for your partner to live away or die in order for you to say once “Happy Birthday my dear husband/wife in heaven, just remember you are always loved by me, I wish you were still here.”

3. You find them always on the page of their friends regularly and yet never bothers to look at what you have posted. This may seem simple and kinda childish but believe me, this will really suck.

I myself is not very active on FB and I do posts only during the special occasions as I don’t want myself to be always visible in anyone’s newsfeed but I do remember all these occasions and would exert a little effort to write a little note of acknowledgment to the people I love, plus, we are in this era where media platforms are accessible, so why not even sometimes?

In order for anyone not to be pissed with these silly reasons in one way or another, I myself, decided to unfriend my husband and be totally unplugged with each other on Social Media, and live like the way it was before when Social Media is not yet a thing and would prefer personal communication better.

On a General Note: Sure, Facebook makes connecting with new and old friends around the world easier than ever but it also makes it easier to disconnect from the person that matters most: your spouse.

1. Watching other couples’ PDA on Facebook makes some feel inadequate about your own relationships.

2. Oversharing can cause major arguments.

3. Couples check Social Media instead of checking in on each other.

4. Family and friends who continue to interact with exes can drive a wedge between couples.

5. Friend requests from old flames can lead to affairs.

6. Checking Social Media before bed can put a damper on intimacy and affect sleep.

My thoughts about it.

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