Isn’t it strange?

When people have something, they are looking for something else, when they got what they want, and lose what they already have, then, they want to take back whatever they have thrown before and the more, with the actual realization and regret that it’s actually what they want after all.

We only realize the importance of something, even someone, once we lose them, once it’s no longer there.

We don’t get to value the importance of anything when it’s still there.

Oh well, maybe from the thought and the confidence that you wouldn’t lose them anyway. But sorry, that’s what you thought and you’re wrong, unfortunately.

Plus the sad fact, that when someone has taken over of what we’ve lost, by then we will do whatever it takes to get it back. –> but truthfully speaking, life isn’t like that. You cannot have everything in the palm of your hands, especially if the shortcomings started from your side. You cannot easily get back whatever you have actually taken for granted anytime you want to.

This is what you call “It’s your loss, not theirs.”

I once heard from someone who says (Non-verbatim) “I will never swallow back whatever I already spit out, I’m not a dog.”

And another one from someone  (Non-Verbatim)“I’ve given my best during our time, if there will be regrets, definitely not from my side- and I’m glad it happened. I won’t have to waste any much longer spending my life living with that kind of person. I’ve completely moved on from her and will never turn back – ”


A roller coaster of emotions. 

Some people crave for something that isn’t there, something that is missing, neglecting some of the things they actually have without knowing that most of the times, what you have is actually what the other people are longing for to get. Ironic?


The lesson in here; 

A genuine contentment.

And GRATEFULNESS  of everything you have, big or small things, right now.

And everything will be alright. 


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