While waiting for him to come, so many things have passed.

When he said,  “Almost there. Wait” – almost took forever.

And because you aren’t waiting for anyone but him, you had no choice but to stand in the middle of the heat on a hot-humid-dry evening patiently waiting.

That amount of effort.

And while you allow several things to pass, with thoughts on your mind that… “that’s the reality of life. You have to learn how to wait patiently, you have to let things pass in order to get the better one, you don’t always grab whatever comes your way.”

But the worst part of this, the realization afterward that it is not worth the wait, you have been fooled!

And while you let things pass, a lot of chances and opportunities have gone to waste as well.

You didn’t get lazy, you waited-  but you waited for nothing!


And that’s how the story ends. 😂

A different Us

A different Us

Different minds. Different thoughts. Different outlook. Different perception. Different feelings. Different reactions.

You really cannot impose to a person the same way how you interpret and deal with things.

You cannot assume them to treat you the same way you treat them.

You may have the same feelings for the same thing but you both look at them in a different way.

You cannot expect them to be as warm, as clingy, as sentimental, as emotional, as expressive, as affectionate about their thoughts and feelings even if they feel the same way about it.

But that doesn’t mean the feeling is different.

And that doesn’t mean you give more than what they give.

Same outlook, same thoughts, same feelings, but treated in a different way according to each other ’s own way of declaration.

Different ways of handling Life, Love, Relationships, Obstacles, but both with the same goals, the same motives, and same mindsets.

And that’s what matters most.

Oh well…

The moment when you cant give a decent, fair and square and sincere advice because doing that would give you something that would definitely crash you  into pieces, destroy your inner peace and confidence, cut your chest completely open, hurt you like never been before…and so on and so on and so on…

Damn hurtful choosing between right and wrong!

Writing- form of escape

Writing- form of escape

“I write, I try as much as possible to write everything out. It’s never enough though, but at least it helps. And I don’t write because I want to, I write because I need to. I need to let all these hidden feelings out, I need to free my mind from all those terrifying thoughts that are eating it up. I first thought speaking up and to say everything inside me would help, but every time I try and open up, either no one listens, or I become completely unable to explain what I feel. Hence I knew that writing, and only writing, is the only way to get through this.”

“I’ve never stopped loving someone I wasn’t forced to. I don’t get bored with people or fall out of love… I don’t crave excitement or traverse ever expanding social circles… if we are close then you’re one of a select few and I’m content with the status quo pretty much indefinitely.

My head is never turned by someone better looking, my opinions are never swayed by someone more charismatic and my affections are never bought by someone’s wealth… so if I distanced myself from you emotionally it was because you were hurting me over and over until my back was to the wall and I was left with no other option…

Because I’m the kind of person who only ever stops feeling when it hurts too much and my forgiveness has long since run out. Even then, it has always been a gruelingly painful process of systematically shutting down the emotional connection layer by layer for my own protection until there was nothing left; not hate, not anger, just… nothing. So if you didn’t see it coming then you should have because it takes time to build walls and shut people out… And if you’re hurting then I’m sorry but the simple fact is that if you’re on the outside I didn’t put you there… you did it to yourself”