07-My Opinion on cheating on People

07-My Opinion on cheating on People

Day 07!

My thoughts about cheating on people.

I admit I’ve had my own share of playing around some years ago when I was still single, playing around means I never get that serious, I never cared, I have other priorities and things to think about at that certain period of time and not yet ready to commit myself fully to anyone. But for the record, not when I’m on a serious relationship. Who would ever think of cheating someone if you are on a serious relationship anyways or worse when you are already married? Only weak and insane people do.

Though I’ve never had an extremely painful experience with cheating people in the real sense of the word yet I’ve known a few who experienced the same and some were really close to me.

Later on, I’ve come to realize that it’s really easy to cheat on someone, the hard thing to do is to remain faithful to your partner even when they are not around.

It’s really hard to stay away from all the temptations if they are right there at the tip of your nose and only people with strong control of themselves, knows the real sense of responsibility, and people who are looking forward to a long-term relationship are capable of doing so.

I’ve noticed that people having those qualities are more likely to be cheated on. It’s not because they are easy to fool but because some crazy people are taking advantage of them and underestimates their capacity thinking that they are weak enough to let go. But then again, for the record, they are also the one who moves on quickly from their failed relationship and more likely to progress and live a happy life afterward while the people who cheated on them are more likely to be left behind.

Because at the end of the day, those people who chose to live a straight life would always live a better life after all.

Here’s the question, what is the real reason behind cheating spouses?

People cheat while in a relationship regardless of gender basically because of low relationship satisfaction towards their spouses and they think they found emotional attachment and sexual satisfaction from the other.

Some people cheat because they think that nobody will ever find out and they could get away with it.

While some others do it out of plain lust, curiosity, boredom, the need of attention and yeah, the need for money, and so many other invalid reasons that are all unacceptable especially if you are a married person or at least nurturing a family (the likes of living together having kids and all)

Psych Studies have shown that people who have higher Education than their partner are more likely to cheat and those people who are less conscientious and less agreeable personalities. I have also read from somewhere that something from their environment may also put anyone at risk for infidelity. Hmm…makes sense.

No matter what, People never cheat by chance, it’s always by choice.

In my own opinion, people don’t have to cheat on someone in the first place, but rather spill it out from the beginning and leave the other person right away if they found someone new (this goes for singles only).

But some other people think by having more than one relationship, it might give them the feeling of satisfaction, a sensation or a fulfillment, a status symbol, a pleasure of being one great person with so much charisma and appeal to attract and get a lot of opposite sex.

Cheating is a mental disorder that you can do nothing about. Once a cheater would always be a cheater no matter what. It’s hard to deal with them. They will keep doing the same thing over and over and will never change completely as you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

But what do you get after that? You might be capable of doing that while you are still young and attractive, but even beauty fades over time.

My thoughts about cheating on people? Definitely a no-no!

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