How to cope up with break ups

How to cope up with break ups

Either a week long, a  month-long,  or a year-long relationship you were into, definitely, breakups is a terrible feeling and truly a heartache. Most probably, it will not only leave you devastated at that particular time, but it could also make you physically ill.

Even if the relationship wasn’t that great, you will still find yourself pondering to what went wrong, whose fault, what could have happened if you’ve done differently and so on and so forth.

Painful breakups may cloud your rational thinking. The first thing you would find very hard to tolerate is the grieving period. The beginning. The time when you have to start from scratch.That no matter how much you have already accepted your fate, there is still the grieving period, the abandonment period, the feelings of rejection, the feeling of not being good enough, the steps on how to start from being WE to being ME.

How could we cope up with breakups? Whether you initiated the breaking up or you were abandoned first, the most important thing is to treat yourself well during this period.

We all know that “Time heal all wounds”, but don’t ever forget that before you reach that point of being already moved-on, there is something we call,  a time-in-between that is RIGHT NOW. The time when you get to drown yourself in pity trying to figure out what went wrong and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You cannot speed up the process but at least, you have to consider some useful beginner-steps on how and where to start;

Write your thoughts about it. Write a lot about your pain. About your agony. Pain demands to be felt as the old cliche says. Feel it. Deal with it. Enjoy it. Until you no longer care.

Talk about it. having someone to cry with is better than crying alone in the middle of the night. If you want to sit, cry, ponder or whatever,  do it. Talking about it with your friends and feel bad about yourself is a great way to overcome it.

Be active. Slowly try to be active and go on daily exercises. It will slowly boost your mood and lower your stress level. A good functioning mind can make you think better.

Improve yourself and look better. Work a little harder on your physical looks. Get your hair trimmed, color a bit, a little facial,  treat yourself to a nice massage.

Eat, but do not overeat, Do not make extra eating habits as a way to cope up with a break-up. It will definitely not work out.

Travel and explore. But if you have no means to splurge on costly traveling, there’s a lot of alternatives to do. Travel with a minimum cost. Like going out in the woods, mountains, picnics, long walks,  beaches nearby.

Or Walk and explore! –> Way better than anything else. Enjoy some quality time alone. Look around. Take a lot of pictures. Do the thing that scares you. I love it!

Think and focus on all the good qualities you have. Rediscover yourself! You are way better than anyone else. Turn your loss to a learning lesson. Be positive. Have a good outlook on life. Do little things that make you feel good. Even the simplest thing. Laugh a lot. Give yourself a break!

Will not guarantee a fast recovery for these, but sure it will help. It’s really acceptable to drown yourself in pity for days, or weeks or months, but not for so long.

Coz sooner or later, a friend who’s always there to listen will eventually get pissed-off the same old story.

So try to help your self. Give yourself the power to control your thoughts and your feelings over the time, because nothing stays the same forever, no pain will be there for the rest of your life, you will soon get over it.

You will do just fine…don’t worry.


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