On the rebound

On the rebound

Have you ever been on a rebound relationship? 

You might be considered one when you get involved with someone who had just ended a previous relationship. When someone is just rebounding, most probably they only needed an emotional attachment, someone to confide with during the process of recovering from heartaches and they usually mistake this emotional connection to new-love.

Either way, being on the receiving end of this kind of relationship is definitely an extreme emotional torture. More often, you are likely to be in the uncomfortable position competing with the remains of the past relationship and wondering if the new relationship is enough to provide fulfillment. In addition to that, you are more likely to take place of what is only left behind, you are basically there to mitigate the hurt, the pain, you are just an outlet, or cover up, which is a very awful feeling.

How does it feel to be one?

1. You never get the confidence and assurance of their Love.

2. You see the difference in attitude and affection that is totally different from how they treat you compared to how they were on the previous one.

3. You see them flare-up fast by anything related to their past, a name, a place, a situation, and even someone else’s stories similar to them hurt them still.

4. The amount of effort is different for you.

It’s really very awful to be in that situation, really, You may have the tendency to lose your confidence and label yourself as the “covering hole.”

It’s really hard to dig inside the person who has been deeply hurt. A person in this situation should get over the previous feeling before jumping to a new one.

But as unfair they might say, focusing on someone new can help a person recover from a break-up. This does not necessarily mean that the new relationship is valued less than the previous one. In fact, the new relationship can prove to have far greater worth than the previous relationship since it is through the comparison of need satisfaction that fulfillment is judged. The time between relationships is not necessary for psychological well-being. People need connection, and moving on can help you get over what has to be left behind…

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