Day 04!!!

Since I’ve listed down my Bucket List on my Blog Challenge No 03, Now I’ll do the reverse and jot down my ANTI-BUCKET LIST! These are the things I hope not to do and experience before I die.

1. Get Arrested/ Go to Prison.

Who else does? I should better keep my hands off to anything against the Law, try to live as righteous as I can and do not engage or mingle with bad Company.

2. Get Addicted to Something.

I don’t want to be in a position where I could no longer control myself for something I’m already hooked at like doing hard drugs or obsession with anything. Clean life- Happy Life.

3. Be on a sinking ship or in a plane about to crash.

Yaiks! How could you ever imagine yourself trying to save your life on a sinking ship or a plane crash? I would die immediately as soon as I feel it is about to happen.

4. Be a survivor.

And worst, be a survivor on a deserted island or mountain with crazy weather, eating bugs, or bugs eating you until you slowly die, awww!

5. Crash Diet.

I would never ever want to crash diet and starve myself hard just to achieve my target weight. I would rather go on a routine basis, daily workout and watch what I eat.

6. Someone torture me and place me in a small, congested area.

I’m claustrophobic. So definitely I could not be in a small, tight area with not enough ventilation for a long time.

7. Suffer a heart attack/ Get a serious injury.

Although I know that when it’s gonna happen, it will happen quickly you wouldn’t be able to recognize it, but then, if I could reduce the risk of it, I will. People who encounter road accidents always scares me, but a few months ago while running, a car hit me on the legs while I’m crossing the traffic light. Not that serious though, Thank God, but then it happened fast I just found myself lying on the ground with no pain. The pain comes a few a days later.

8. Be Kidnapped.

Yup, as long as it is not Liam Neeson from the Movie “Taken” who will come to rescue me, then definitely, it’s a no-no! Haha!

9. Run away from something that may kill me.

Like swimming away from the sharks. Run away from the Kidnappers or just anything that might kill me. Yeah, I thought about this, silly me.

10. Live a sad Life.

And Lastly, what is more painful than living a sad life for the rest of your life? Trying to get something you couldn’t get. Loving someone who doesn’t love you? Living in the past? Regretting something or someone you’ve lost? Living a sad life to the point you don’t want to see others be happy too? Well, I hope I won’t reach to that stage of life, so I’m working on it. :)


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