When I first came here, and I was dropped to my flat, I got the shock of my life when I saw where I’m supposed to live.

From the door itself, I could smell the pile of shoes near the door. I saw the clean but stinky looking carpet that needs to be brushed/vacuum.

When I got in the room, I saw three beds in line with each other that looks like hospital beds. Mine was the one near the bathroom door, with a thin mattress and one piece of flat pillow with no cover, and a thin looking blanket. Near my bed is a two-door cupboard which in fairness looks new.

There is a small window with a very dusty brownish curtain.


And walked out of the door, rent a room in the hotel and planned to go home immediately the next morning. :P

I wished.

But before I spill out that words I’ve realized that I came here to work and not for holiday, I couldn’t act like a princess whatsoever.

So I slowly unpacked my things and ignored the cockroaches I’ve seen peeping thru the bathroom door.

I had the hardest time ever sleeping the first night and the next morning was even more shocking when I went to check the kitchen. Although it’s tidy you couldn’t hide the fact that it has been used for a long time, the building itself seems old, btw.

The next few days were even more awful because I couldn’t sleep at all, especially when I learned that we are living next to the graveyard! Yeah, when you look at the window, you would actually see tombs of the dead people!

And the next three months to be exact, until I start getting used to the place and get along and became friends with my two other flatmates.

Yeah, I adjusted myself to live with others, not to mention the old smell and noise. :P

Until I decided to move out 7 months later.

And here I am now, almost 10 years after, still here, working hard, *giggles*, living with people that is not your immediate family, got a few real friends, and still the same.


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