Okay, admit it!

We all came to the latter stage of any relationship that we want to let go of the pain, move on and never look back, but we do not know how and when to start, right?

We were in love with the person, yeah. might be true,  but we are not happy anymore.

It’s like we are already on the verge of losing ourselves.

But we have this inner-thoughts that, what if I’m about to make a very wrong decision?

What if they changed for the better? Or I change for the better?

What if I wasn’t been able to live without them after the breakup?

What if they are only waiting for me to do the first move?

What if the problem is not them but turned out to be me?

And a lot more stuff to think about.

Here’s the catch;

In every relationship, we all have this stage we called “you pushed me to my limit”, and prior to reaching that phase, we may have passed the rough edge already.

Been to a failed relationship myself once, I have reached to the point where I have to say that,  “F**k,  finally, this is it, We are over. I don’t want you anymore, goodbye!!!

But before reaching the boiling point, I tend to collect all the heartaches, disappointments, pains, rejections first before I finally explode.

And when that happened, for sure you will never be given a face anymore, not even a glimpse, not even a thought. You will be a total stranger, the nonexisting person.

Because admit it, we all give everyone a chance to prove themselves.

But let’s not make the other reach to the point where they no longer care.

Or they became numb they got used to it they don’t want you anymore in their lives.

Because. I’m sure you might have hurt them so badly to do that…

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