My Day 03!

Here is a list of all the goals I want to achieve, dreams I want to fulfill and life experiences I desire to experience before I die in no particular order.

1. To be able to see all the 81 provinces of the Philippines!

As much as I’ve always like to travel, Local and International destinations, I would like to complete all the provinces of my own Country first. I know that there are a lot of beautiful places to explore in the Philippines itself, some are still pure and untouched. I like Nature tripping, sightseeing, walk and explore, so for sure, this is gonna be something to treasure for the rest of my life.

2. Go on a Carribean Cruise!

I know that this may require a lot of money and definitely, it wouldn’t be the first option if I get the chance to choose what to do as of these days, but still, this is on my Bucket List. Well, I guess the least I could do is to start on an Asian cruise trip and hop Island to Island.

3. Do the thing that scares you! Rephrased: Do the things that excite you.

I’ve always wanted to experience exciting things as I’m fond of doing outdoor activities. The scary ones, Sky Diving, Cliff diving, Hot Air ballon, Mountain Climbing, Trekking, Aerial Trekking, Mountain Biking, Scuba Diving (haven’t tried any one of them outdoor yet but I’ve tried indoor aerial trek, wall climbing, and bungee jumping, but soon I will! 😅) or even the a-little-bit-easier-ones, Camping in the woods, Ziplines or trail walking and the stuff.

4. Live in a Wood House by the Lake.

This depends as to where we are going to settle later on. If RJ and I chose to settle with our family in the Philippines, then we could at least build a Log house somewhere in the province.

5. Learn to play Chess.

Not only to play the basics but to master it. Idk, playing chess is kinda smart and interesting to me and whenever I happen to cross any videos of a Chess tournament or competition and I see the way how the players, young and old concentrates and do their moves are quite fascinating.

6. Start a Business.

Definitely included in my Bucket list. As early as this stage, husband and I are planning to start our own business in the years to come. My options are always related to Food business, like to put up a small but cozy All day Breakfast. Other options are Water station, Travel Agency, or a Laundry Shop.

7. Do a Volunteer Work.

I feel excited just by the thoughts that I’m doing a volunteer work of any kind that travels from one place to another. I think this is one of the best ways to expose myself to new people by offering my help in terms of skills, knowledge, time and effort whether it is assisting the elderly at the old folks home, working with delinquent kids, beach cleanups, tree planting, distributing food, water and medicines to less fortunate people and the likes.

8. Learn a New Language.

Learning a New language is never easy. I’ve been to a few Countries where English is not the second language and I admire people that are multi-lingual. I’m personally fluent in English as this is our second dialect in the Philippines aside from Living away in a foreign country, I have to communicate in English for easier understanding. I have a few knowledge in Japanese, I understand a bit but I couldn’t speak and mostly word by word haha! Definitely, I’d love to learn a few in the future, to be fluent in Japanese perhaps, or Spanish, French maybe or Ilocano- my husband native tongue.

9. Learn how to cook.

TBH, I know how to cook simple dishes like Typical Filipino food but I don’t practice that much. I never used to cook due to different reasons:

A. I never cooked at home even until I graduated College as my Father used to be the head of the kitchen. When I left home and live away, I seldom cook for myself and would always order take away food from the restaurants, or eat light food or just fruits. I only cook occasionally whenever I’m in the Philippines and here abroad, RJ always does the cooking.

B. Another reason is that I want my kitchen to be small and cozy, clean and tidy without the stinky smell as this would give me the encouragement to cook, haha!

10. To Live in the Slums/Squatters/Raft for some time.

I know this is kinda silly but I have this enchantment to experience how to live in the Slum area or to Live in a raft floating in the creek/river for some time like a month or so. I’ve always mentioned this to RJ that during our vacation, I want to arrange ourselves for a month stay in the slum or if we were not able to bear in the slums, but somewhere like under the bridge or live near the train station or the raft and document it for record purpose without revealing our real identity and blend ourselves with the people and environment. I know that he doesn’t support me on this one but just to give in to my whims, he promised to go with me, soon!

That’s All!


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