Here it is again, pondering over some suspicious thoughts, entertaining  doubts of the how would be and  what if’s kind of paranoia,  thinking about the worst things that could happen, that might happen, that might go out of the way, unnecessary circumstances that might not be able to handle, doubting every doubtful doubt.

The what if’s like a matter of life and death kind of situation that you wouldn’t be able to turn down, something that you couldn’t take lightly, that you couldn’t say NO, something that might give you an instant change of mind and a change of heart because everything would depend on it, that you would even sacrifice everything even your own happiness because that would be the only possible solution for the problem.

Or what if it is something else? Like you realized that something isn’t really right about this story, that something has to be done to make everything right and you are the only one capable of doing it, like running away from it, rejecting and completely forgetting about it?

Well….it’s difficult to tell, hard to answer, something that you wouldn’t even dare to imagine would kill you instantly even if it is just a dream, something that is not the option because it is really really, as in really devastating and would definitely break you apart in pieces…

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