Oh my…
The first time in years,
Seems like my heart is gonna fall out of my chest!
Never felt this for a very long time…
Heart rate up!
Pulse beat up!
I think Im gonna have a heart attack,
Right here, right now.
Over excited.
And worried at the same time.

I always practice minimalism in everything. From FB friends- no random FR accepted.
From Insta- Little followings. If the profile is public, no need to follow.
From Twitter-
From Tumblr- very very as in very few followings.
To real life- few real friends.
What could be better than family, one real friend and a great lover?
That’s me!
But i guess it’s time to broaden my horizon.
Add more tables than burn bridges.
No more minimalism.
It’s time for maximalism.



This doesn’t seem very extraordinary or very unusual place, but I find it quite satisfying to try some Japanese Resto for some time.

To have shabu-shabu!

Shabu shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish of thin-sliced meat and vegetables in boiled broth.

Boiled in the metal pot at the center of the dining table, while the pot is simmering, the ingredients are placed in the pot and is cooked at the table.

And since I haven’t tried this for a very long time, having this once again after so long is kinda exquisite and distinctive to my taste bud.


Spinach, water spinach, cabbage, egg, meat & squid balls, thin slices of fish and some other variety of your choice.


Plus, finally, I found the best ever siomai ever steamed in BH. =)


… who can ever say no to this tempting, delightful mouthwatering mint ice cream for dessert?

I don’t usually choose Japanese food (especially this very light one) to any get together with friends and I don’t prefer to eat buffet as well since I eat very little, but this is the kind of food that you will enjoy until the last drop of soup, so I would highly recommend trying at least once every while, plus very affordable for BD10.5.

Location: NANO Japanese Restaurant- Manama Bahrain

You will definitely love it!

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to review this restaurant. This is my personal review only.