10- Myself



Day 10- Myself

This is the real No-brainer, haha! Since I just came from a National Day long weekend and my workload was piled on top of each other, I got no idle time to start my 10th entry, well, actually the last four blogs were also done very quickly since I did it at home on my mobile phone while cuddling with the husband, haha and again, made this last one without any effort but easy and simple as this.

Tbh, I still have a lot of ideas in mind to blog like my bad habits and why I can’t give them up, Gross things I can’t handle, A letter to myself, My last argument with the husband, haha! and so many other things but the past 2 days after the 4 off-days were so tight I still tried to compress my time not to skip a day on my 10-day blogging challenge.

So here it goes.

The first one was a video of myself with my friend Nic (but she wasn’t there on the video) when we went out bar hopping (3 bars in a night) on the first day of National Day. I will still write something about that wonderful night after so long with my good friend Nic (we hardly go out these days after I got married but then, those few times were always full of fun.) but to follow.

And the other photos were taken inside the washroom of Dublin Club.

So this is it! I’ve completed my 10-day blogging challenge with no sweat at all, and this was done in a little bit over than 5 minutes before I leave the office, haha!


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