The hassle of finding EZ

The hassle of finding EZ

Rounded two times on the crowded, not to mention the heavy traffic inside the  American Alley area trying to find this certain  Burger Kioske.
Been looking carefully at the street where I saw it before but unfortunately didn’t find it…
When I finally gave up, I stopped and asked this girl on a different burger shop. She told me that it was already closed and that is the same place where it was before.
Ganun yata talaga, kapag hindi mo hinahanap nakikita mo jan pakalat kalat, right before your eyes pero hindi mo pinapansin, pero kapag naman hinahanap mo na, hindi mo na makita at worse, wala na pala!
And what made it more conflicting is, it is named EZ, as in easy but it isn’t easy to find after all! And all this happened bcoz of my sister’ NY request. Haha!



Is there any scientific explanations or superstitions on how a person of your past (which you never see anymore and you dont think about anymore, well, occasionally yes) continuously comes to your dreams in the same scenario?
Just wonderin…



Smells like Christmas!

But as usual, it’s gonna be another usual day for those who work and live abroad away from our Family.

Here I am again, just like the usuals, as if it’s gonna be my first time spending Christmas away.

Been celebrating this festive alone (but now with my sister) for the past eleven years and yet it still feels like the first time!

Missin the Christmas at home.

As far as I could remember….

The Christmas spirit. The Christmas carols. The Christmas decorations. The smell of Christmas air. The Christmas parties. The early morning mass. The “Bibingka and puto bumbong with homemade tea.The Christmas shopping. The mall rush. The happy faces of everyone. THE CHRISTMAS MORNING.

The kids. The new clothes and stuff. The gifts. 

Our Traditional Christmas celebration. 

And despite all the problems we faced in our daily life, whatever it is when it’s Christmas time everything is forgotten, everything fades.

You only see jolly faces of everyone.

Truly, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

For everyone. Especially at home.


Fun beyond busy hours

Fun beyond busy hours

The usual busy day in the office. Everyone is busy doing their own paper works running here there and everywhere.

Then all of a sudden, something funny came out of nowhere to break the stiff environment.

The Big Boss is in front of us instructing things, then comes one of my officemate who is temporarily sitting in the reception while the receptionist is busy doing the Tender Report for the upcoming big project.

He asked the office mate “ Who is in the reception?” in his normal authoritative voice.

Then the office mate answers while looking around us, and suddenly she realized that she has to be in the reception, she quickly answered, “Me, sir!!! (pointing to herself) I’m in the reception”, then she hurriedly went back outside.

Then the boss said, “and what is she doing here?”

I started laughing, not only because of the situation but because of her reaction. Truly funny.

Icebreaker, haha!



That moment when you want to deeply internalize what is currently going on in your life asking yourself why on earth this series of misfortunes and unfortunate events one after the other is happening, then  will bury yourself in pity, think about the good old days, where everything was good,  and you don’t have to worry about anything, you just eat and sleep and sleep and eat, simple and clear which is different from now and how you wished you  could go back and you start to  self-pity and question your worth  with tears in your eyes and gloomy effect, etc etc etc,

Then suddenly you will realize that we only dramatize things because we always look at the past and believe that the past is better than today because there were so many things to cherish and to reminisce before and that you cannot be completely and genuinely happy because you always dwell on it and the happiness it brought you…and forget that there is no better day than today and the future to look forward to if you will only come to realize the truth.

– Whatever you did last time, you can redo in the future.

– Whatever mistakes you commit, you can correct in the future.

– Whatever happened, you have to accept it with no regrets.

 You only just have to change for the better and upgraded you.