Write like there is no one reading

Write like there is no one reading

There are a lot of things overflowing in your mind…so many things that sometime you just wanna burst and explode but then, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

Sometimes I feel like I’m just using this BLOG  to express my thoughts and feelings as an outlet from all the things I observed in this world :)

1. DRAMA- Yes! A complete DRAMA QUEEN. Overacting.That whatever u say would turn into something like the usual soap opera we watch every day. You are not taken seriously because everything you say turns out to be just another line from the comedy series. And yeah, People tend to dramatize things, but sometimes, you over-do it.

2. REGRET- Regret that you weren’t able to control yourself and fall. And worse, no one is there to catch you. OUCH! Do you ever imagine falling out from the 5th floor and no one there to catch you on the ground?  

3. LOVE LOST- What could even be worse than falling out of Love? It is really okay if the feeling is mutual. But what if not? What if it is a one-side-falling-out of love? Well, definitely, you would turn yourself to some kind of a b**ch and turned your EX flame world’ upside down just to make sure that they lead a painful life more than you.I’m sure… coz this is what unhappy people usually do, they don’t want to see others be happy too.

4. MOVING ON– The word, “ Everyone has moved on, you are the only one who’s left behind”  And since you were the one who is more affected, the one who was left behind, or left hanging in the air, you are also the one expressing a lot of pain and emotions and anger and retaliation and the will to fight back or to get even to the point of losing your dignity and self-respect.

5. IGNORED- Which one is better? Being ignored or being rejected? Well, better to be rejected right from the beginning because you already know where to stand right from the start. When someone gave you extra special attention at the beginning then later ignore you and treat you like shit as if you are not existing, that whatever you say or do is nothing, like a total stranger, is really an OUCH!

6. SPACE- They need space but on that space, you are still trying your best to include yourself on it, even how small it is,  even just a spot. Because the only thing you want to be involved from the word “space” is the space you used on the keyboard.

7. CHANGE- That you would not leave a memory. That the idea of you being gone unnoticed is so scary. Like a wind that will pass without anything and soon you will be forgotten, without a trail, without a mark, without an impact. That you were not good in this lifetime. Not even once. 

8. HARSH WORDS- Some words are not worth swallowing. Some will break your heart. Some will knock you down, crush you to pieces. 

9. ON THE LOOP- Just like being in a roller coaster, you let yourself fly high, fall hard, hit the ground, get bumped, go upside down, knocks you out, leaving you with bruises, and worse, soon to be big scars, and you do nothing. No hold.  

10. TO START AGAIN- Back to basic. And again, you have to go all over again like the beginning. When you are half way there, you almost reach, it’s there, almost within your hands, but you have to make a U-TURN because there is nothing in there but a pool of misery.

And you only made a complete fool of yourself.

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